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Owing to effective cooperation between UHY members, our Company is able to provide a worldwide support for our Clients' business.

    UHY members are located in:


Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia

Africa and Middle East

Angola, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, UAE, South Africa

Asia-Pacific Region

Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan


Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, United States, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Jamaica

If you need reliable and qualified support for your business in any of these countries or professional advice on their legislation – just contact us.

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UHY Yans-Audit
is a full member of UHY International — the International Professional Association of audit and consulting companies.

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Audit & Consulting Group "UHY Yans-Audit" is a member of Urbach Hacker Young International Limited, a UK company, and forms part of the international UHY network of legally independent accounting and consulting firms. UHY is the brand name for the UHY international network. The services described herein are provided by the Firm and not by UHY or any other member firm of UHY. Neither UHY nor any member of UHY has any liability for services provided by other members.